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Winter is Coming!


Hot Shot's Secret

Hot Shots has an excellent selection of fluids to prevent and restore your fuel in emergency situations. In addition, they have multifunctional products for more than just a Winter application


Fleetguard Filtration

Fleetguard carries a broad selection of filters for most vehicles and industrial applications. It's suggested to do a whole fluid change when winter comes around and that includes changing those dirty filters.



Mopar stocks many of the original factory products used when assembling your vehicle, with the products from the manufacturer you can expect quality goods.



Cummins stocks many of the original engine products used in your trucks. Whenever those important components fail, Cummins has a replacement for most of them.


Donaldson Filtration

Just like Fleetguard, Donaldson specializes in filters. They have a vast selection of fuel, engine oil, and transmission oil filters. They also make hydraulic filters for specific equipment.


Pure Diesel Power

Pure Diesel Power creates products in high-demand whether that be a vital engine component or a widely sought for accessory. We have some Winter-focused products too, for example, our fuel filter kit with a heater!


Continental Belts

Just like their tires, Continental belts are the perfect quality for any vehicle. With the harsh effects of Winter, it's always a good idea to protect your vehicle from failure by replacing your belts!


Goodyear Belts

Goodyear Gatorback belts are the preferred choice of truck enthusiasts. With harsh Winters you need some heavy-duty protection.



With the harsh temperature drops of Winter, it's good to have a block heater. You do not want to get stuck missing a day's work because you can't get your vehicle to start. A working block heater is essential in severe conditions.