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01-06 VW Jetta Calibrated Power PWG Spade Tuner

Get the economy you want, and horsepower you won't believe
Years Supported: 2001-2006

Get the best of both worlds! More power and better fuel economy. Our PWG Spade product delivers the best in tuning calibrations for your Jetta. When you order we will mail you the SPADE hardware. Simply read your stock tune and send it in. The tuners at Calibrated Power will modify your file and email it back to you to load in the car. This product comes with three modified files:

1. Daily Driver- Improved throttle response and performance. +10 RWHP over stock
2. Economy- Delivers the best fuel economy we have to offer. +35 RWHP over stock
3. Performance- Motivates your car to give you everything it has. +45 RWHP over stock

Calibrated Power part number: 131008044

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