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TST Offers high performance Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins parts & accessories including the 12 valve fuel plate.

Brand: TST Products Part Number: TST 01
Fully Adjustable Boost elbow allows you to turn your boost up or down to help save your head gasket if not studded yet or to help tune the top turbos wastegate in twins. One quick twist of the allen screw is all it takes. For Less Boost Pressure, Turn screw out. For More Boost Pressure, T..
Brand: TST Products Part Number: TSTxxFuelPlate
Discontinued please see 23G40x for a potential replacement (Updated 2/21/2024) Pure Diesel Power carries the complete line of cam plates for the P7100 injection pump by TST Products. Each kit comes complete with a new fuel curve cam plate, installation template, turbo boost control..
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