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Transgo Shift Kits & Reprogramming kits for Ford, Chevy, & Dodge Ram automatic transmissions and many, many more.Shift Kits® Retain shift comfort with added durability TransGo Shift Kits include everything you need to address the most common transmission driveability complaints and failures in one box. Shift Kits are engineered to restore hydraulic integrity with easy-to-install and cost-effective solutions.Reprogramming Kits™ Performance shift options without sacrificing durability Take your transmission to the next level without sacrificing durability with TransGo Reprogramming kits. From ultra-responsive full manual control to customized performance and towing options, we have the solution.
Brand: Transgo Part Number: T22165B/TFOD-DIESEL
618/47RE/47RH HD Diesel Transgo Performance Shift Kit 1988-2003 Shift improvement / correction kit No Pan gasket in kit Firmer Lock up, reduces drain back, reduces soft shifts. Has resistor and High Temp rings for heavy duty use and now includes a Valve body plate. Will NOT fit 03-up 48RE  Part ..
Brand: Transgo Part Number: SK-47RE
Enhance the performance of the 46RE and 47RE TorqueFlite in your 1996-2002 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 Pickup with the TransGo TFOD-Diesel SHIFT KIT. This Shift Kit allows you to modify your transmission to fix the common complaints such as TCC slip or shudder, 2nd gear band and direct clutch failure, and t..
Brand: Transgo Part Number: TGSK 48RE
48RE HD Diesel Transgo Performance Shift Kit 2003-2006 48RE Diesel & 2003 V10 Transgo says You’ll hardly believe how powerful the shifts can be without being bangy. Reduces converter slip. Has Hi-Temp Low Shrink Rings. Some parts installs during rebuild only. Please Allow 2-3 Business Days to..
Brand: Transgo Part Number: SK-ALLISON-JR
Enhance the shifting and performance characteristics of the Allison 6-speed transmission in your 2006-2010 GM 2500HD/3500HD truck with an Allison 1000, 2000, and 2400 series transmission. This TransGo Shift Kit includes the valve body components you need to provide substantial gains in friction plat..
Brand: Transgo Part Number: 4R100-HD2-TUGGER
Prevent downhill clutch burnup in your 1989-2003 Ford Truck with E4OD/4R100 transmission with the TransGo 4R100-HD2 Tugger Reprogramming Kit. This Reprogramming Kit doubles low clutch holding pressure in manual first gear for downhill compression braking.The TransGo 4R100 Reprogramming Kit prevents,..
Brand: Transgo Part Number: ALLISON-SK
Put the TransGo Allison SK Shift Kit in your 2001-2005 GM 2500HD/3500HD and enhance the performance of your Allison 1000,2000, and 2400 five-speed automatic transmission. Many commonly complain about the following issues with their Allison transmission: neutralizing under high load in 4th or 5th, bu..
Brand: Transgo Part Number: 5R110W-SK
Upgrade the 5R110W in your 2003-2010 Ford Truck with the TransGo SK 5R110W-A Shift Kit. Many complain about the following on the 5R110W: run-away reverse pressure, case lug blow out, no movement, slips or no reverse, neutralize at stops as well as converter clutch slippage or trouble codes.This Tran..
Brand: Transgo Part Number: SK-48RE
The TransGo SK 48RE Shift Kit helps increase the performance of your 2003-2008 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 with a Chrysler 48RE transmission. Most 48RE owners complain about the 2nd gear band, direct clutch failure, TCC slip and shudder, and torque converter drain-back.The Transgo Kit gives you the internal..
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