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Tork Teknology

Tork Teknology builds high-performance diesel parts and components specifically to solve the challenges faced by heavy-duty trucks.  Through reverse engineering and meticulous design, Tork Teknology deconstructs the problem and builds innovation solutions that enable easier maintenance, faster operation and more efficient installation.  Tork Teknology gives mechanics extra leverage, speed and precision when working on expensive diesel trucks so parts can be removed and replaced without damage, and every installation goes smoothly.

Great modifications and well-oiled trucks require exceptional workmanship and maintenance to stay on top of the job.  Behind every exceptional truck and exceptional mechanic are the trusted tools he uses every day.  Tork Teknology studies the parts malfunctions, damages and difficulties encountered when repairing or modifying diesel trucks, and specially designs tools that solve the problem.  Tork Teknology’s injector pullers, valve spring compressors, adjustable overflow valves and other tools make it easier than ever to optimize your Dodge Cummins diesel. 

See the specific applications and advantages of each tool and counteract reoccurring problems.  Order Toek Teknology tools online at Pure Diesel Power to make your repairs, maintenance and modifications easier than ever.