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SuperATV started with a passion for off-roading that’s probably a lot like yours. Our first product, a 2” Polaris Sportsman EZ Install lift kit, came as a result of our founder Harold Hunt’s love of creek riding. The success of the lift kit, based on his own design, led Harold to set up shop in his own garage, which also served as the warehouse and shipping center. The intent was to fill a small need for off-road enthusiasts which was the same need he had for better Sportsman parts. He was delighted and surprised when it turned out the need was much, much greater than he realized, and it was growing every day. As the industry exploded and demand grew, so did SuperATV. It wasn’t just about 2″ Sportsman lifts anymore, it was about improving every part possible on every machine available. As the ideas multiplied and demand from avid riders grew, our product line expanded to include a full range of aftermarket parts, from axles to long travel kits.
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: FWS-CA-X3-7X
The Versatility You DeserveRide in comfort and style all year long with SuperATV’s Scratch-Resistant Flip Windshield installed on your Can-Am Maverick X3. Rain? Don’t worry about it! Chilly wind? Not a problem! Our multi-stage latching mechanism gives you the versatility you need in all type..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: FWS-H-TAL-70
Ride Year RoundHitting the trail in your Honda Talon doesn’t have to mean compromising your comfort if the weather’s bad. Get SuperATV’s Scratch Resistant Flip Windshield and switch to the setting you need to match the weather. Hot out? Keep it fully open. Rainy? Keep it closed. Need just a litt..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: ROOF-P-PROXP4-001-01
A UTV Roof Over Your Head There are few things harsher on a ride than the midday sun. Get SuperATV’s Polaris RZR PRO XP 4 Aluminum Roof and get covered. The sleek design of the roof compliments the aggressive look of your RZR PRO XP 4. Aluminum makes the roof tough enough to handle the roughest..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: PGH-3-37-XXX-XXXX
Gen 3 Portals Are Geared for All Customize your ride and get the most out of your Honda Pioneer 520 with a GDP Portal Gear Lift from SuperATV! It gives you 4” of lift and helps you take back your torque, so no matter where you ride, you’ll be unstoppable. And because we know that no two riders ..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: PS-3-54#520
EZ-STEER power steering kit for the Honda Pioneer is the most advanced kit on the market. Designed to make your ride better, EZ-STEER drastically reduces steering effort allowing for longer more enjoyable rides. Along with enhanced steering, power steering will virtually eliminate bump steer and..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: NB-P-GEN1K-0X#TR
Save Your Plastic You don’t want to take it easy when maneuvering through rocks or squeezing between trees—but you don’t want to scuff up your plastic, either. That’s where SuperATV’s Heavy-Duty Nerf Bars come into play. They bolt quickly to your Polaris RZR Trail 900 and help guide your machine..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: NB-P-GEN1K-0X#TK
Trail-Proven Protection The right machine protection lets you squeeze through trees and maneuver rock gardens without collecting scratches or scuffs in the process. SuperATV’s Heavy-Duty Nerf Bars mount easily to your Polaris RZR Trail S 1000 and shield your plastic. This means you can ride as h..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: NB-P-GEN1K-0X#TS
Looking Good as New You like to ride hard, but that doesn’t mean your machine’s bodywork needs to show it. Protect your plastic and keep your Polaris RZR Trail S 900 looking good as new with SuperATV’s Heavy-Duty Nerf Bars. They look great and function even better by saving your RZR from rocks, ..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: FWS-Y-RMAX-X
Ready for AnythingYou don’t let anything come between you and doing what you love—especially not the weather. Be prepared to ride in any conditions by installing SuperATV’s Scratch Resistant Flip Windshield on your Yamaha Wolverine RMAX. The versatile design allows you to ride with it fully close..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: LB3-X
Brighten Your Ride SuperATV’s 30” Light Bar is just what you need to get the most out of every ride. Why? Because a good light bar means you don’t have to stop riding when the sun goes down. With brightness that will give the sun a run for its money and strength to take on the rough rides you lo..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: WN-3500
Save Your Ride Taking your ATV or UTV out for a ride without a winch installed is like going on a road trip without a spare tire. If you get stuck—and everybody gets stuck eventually—you’re looking at a long walk back to civilization. Get a UTV/ATV winch you can trust to keep you going with a 35..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: WN-4500
The Ultimate Vehicle Recovery Tool Whenever you go for a ride in your ATV or UTV, you need a contingency plan. You never know where the trail is going to take you. That’s where SuperATV’s 4500 Lb. Black Ops Winch comes in. If you end up in a ditch or get wedged where you can’t move, it takes a ..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: LB3-6-X
Six Inches of Sunshine What’s so great about a 6” LED Combination Spot/Flood Light Bar? You can squeeze one in just about anywhere. They’re small enough to fit on almost any bumper and bright enough to make a huge difference on your night ride. And with a variety of optional brackets available, ..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: WN-6000
A Big Winch A big UTV winch is designed to solve big problems—problems like burying your four-seater side-by-side in six feet of mud or jamming between some massive boulders. If you get your UTV in rough situations, you need a 6000 Lb. Black Ops Winch to handle it. It’s built to be water resis..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: TSK-X
Why We Make itGet your favorite ATV or UTV ready for some road riding with SuperATV’s Universal Plug & Play Turn Signal Kit. We make this kit as complete as possible so that you can get just about any ATV or UTV one step closer to being street legal. We’ve also made it as easy to instal..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: DBK-H-001
Super ATV's Honda disc brake kit is exactly what you need to replace those high-maintenance, unreliable stock drum brakes. Our Disc Brake Conversion Kit is designed for a Honda utility and is the easiest, most affordable kit on the market. This is the same style kit that is now integrated into t..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: AA-P-RZR-HC-xxx
Get Room for Bigger TiresYou want bigger tires to tackle bigger obstacles, but you don’t want a lift that’s hard to handle and makes you feel unstable. You need SuperATV’s High-Clearance 1.5” Forward Offset A-Arms for your Polaris RZR 800. They increase your wheel base by 1.5 inches, so yo..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: ASN-X
No Match for Mud and Muck We designed our Assassinator UTV/ATV Mud Tires with one thing in mind: mud. We wanted to have a tire that could sling mud like a champ and never get stuck. From slick and soupy sinkholes to peanut butter pits, Assassinator Tires are perfect for pulling your side-by-side..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: INT-X
The new breed of Intimidation has arrived. SuperATV's Intimidator tire is the smoothest, most versatile mud tire on the market. The unique footprint provides greater surface contact for maximum traction.With 2" of shoulder tread, the Intimidator will get you through the stickiest of mud hole..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: TER-X
Made for Mud — Great on Anything SuperATV’s Terminator Tires are ultra-aggressive mud tires that are all-terrain ready. These beasts will get you through the mud hole and carry you all over the wild trails that get you there. The strong center lug design makes them surprisingly smooth and angled..
2014+ Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail Scratch Resistant Flip Windshield
PDP Pick
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: FWS-AC-T-70
DETAILSA Flip Windshield Gives You VersatilityThere’s no need to cancel your plans because of the weather when you have a Scratch Resistant Flip Windshield installed on your Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail. It switches between full, half, and vented so you’re always prepared no matter what nature throws at..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: HWS-AC-T-70
DETAILSArctic Cat Wildcat Trail Half WindshieldHelp protect you and your passenger from sticks and other flying debris while blazing the trail with a SuperATV windshield - the best off-road windshield on the market. With many protection and tint options to choose from, each windshield is a super tou..
Brand: SuperATV Part Number: TRAN-P-RZR1K-017-K#RG
Make Your Transmission StrongerTurf mode is great if you’re using your Ranger as a glorified golf cart. But once you start pushing the limits of your machine and really riding it, your turf mode becomes a liability. Whether yours already broke or you want to upgrade early, get rid of it and get maxi..
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