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Steed Speed


Steed Speed specializes in high performance turbo diesel exhaust manifolds designed uniquely for diesel engines.  A turbo charged engine not only provides significantly more power and enables smoother engine functionality, but also gives you truck a defined look and sound.  Finding the right turbo manifold to support your turbocharged engine is essential to creating the most horsepower and torque.

Steed Speed manifolds are specially made and treated to endure intense heat during demanding tasks such as racing, hauling, towing, long distances or extreme terrain.  Expert machinists build each manifold in the Steed Speed CNC shop with billet steel, and each manifold is coated with Techline heat-resistant metal glaze capable of enduring up to 1700 degrees F.  Steed Speed manifolds may also be coated with additional chrome finishes for added aesthetic appeal.  Less than 1% of Steed Speed manifolds do not meet expectations, therefore your Steed Speed manifold is guaranteed for as long as you own it.

Find the Steed Speed manifold to compliment your Powerstroke or Cummins turbo diesel truck.  Click to order yours online.