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Airdog Custom Fuse Delete Bypass Module Connector

List price: $149.99  


You save: $50.00 (33%)

Do you run an Airdog lift pump?

Does it randomly blow fuses, leaving you on the side of the road digging through your toolbox, glove compartment, center console, or worse yet, looking to steal a "less important" one from your truck's fuse box? 

Do you find yourself walking down the road, hitchhiking, then getting picked up by a random stranger to have them run you to a parts store because you don't have anything bigger than a 30 amp fuse?

Do you find yourself pulled over at night because you accidently "borrowed" the headlight fuse to run your fuel pump?

Don't worry about finding a fuse anymore! We now offer a CUSTOM BUILT, assembled in America solution!

We take a high quality heavy duty 12 gauge wire, install male spade connectors, then CUSTOM MACHINE them to fit in the Airdog fuse holder.

These are built on demand, please allow 2-3 business days before item ships.

Be sure to check out the product options! Now offering different color wires, and a custom shrink seal connectors, an industry exclusive!

This item may cause:

  • Spontaneous fires
  • Melted wires
  • Severe burns
  • Complete electrical system meltdown
  • Ruined batteries
  • Battery Explosion
  • Severe injury or death
  • Feelings of personal stupidity
  • Overwhelming desire to vote Democrat 
  • Thinking socialism is a good idea

Please note- We do not recommend the purchase or use of this product in any situation.

Fuse holder not included!