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Shibby Engineering

Shibby Engineering
Brand: Shibby Engineering Part Number: 2010SSBT
Shibby Engineering's boost tube is designed to replace the factory intercooler tube. It is constructed from 3.5" mandrel bent stainless steel. The boost tube increases efficiency, spool-up & throttle response. This product comes uncoated in the raw material finish. Fitment: Fits stock intak..
Brand: Shibby Engineering Part Number: SHIB59RC
One rail plug CNC machined for the fuel rail on a dodge cummins engine. Also known as a race fuel valve.  This plug replaces the factory banjo bolt mounted on the top side of the pressure relief valve (which is on the top of the fuel rail). The pressure relief valves are known to leak and rob you o..
Brand: Shibby Engineering Part Number: SHIB-TVD
The Shibby Engineering Throttle Valve Delete removes the factory throttle valve found on the bottom of the cast intake elbow on your 6.7L Cummins. While the Throttle Valve is commonly left in place it is no longer needed when off-road tuning is used. Installing the TVD not only cleans up the engine ..
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