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Rev X Diesel Oil and Fuel Additives

For truck owners seeking to maximize their truck’s performance without changing components, or for truck enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their custom work, REV-X performance oil and fuel additives are a simple, streamlined solution.  By adding the appropriate mixture to your truck’s oil or fuel tank, you not only upgrade the horsepower and torque of your truck, but you also help to maintain long-lasting efficiency.

REV-X oil additives reduce friction between components, allowing faster movement and increasing the longevity of all parts.  Parts move smoothly during demanding applications, maintaining cooler temperatures throughout the system and keeping parts from grinding, wearing down and warping.  REV-X fuel additives for distance and winter driving are also designed to extend the engine’s lifetime, while enhancing performance with cleaner operation over long distances and in extreme weather.

Order REV-X oil and fuel additives to extend your truck’s lifetime and enjoy more power during any application.  Click to see specific enhancements of each formula and find the ideal ingredients for your needs.