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RCD Performance, LLC, consists of individuals who know aftermarket performance. Have confidence in us before and after the sale. We are not like so many other sellers that just drop ship from the manufacturer. We install and test what we sell. If we don't recommend it, its because it's something we wouldn't put in our own vehicles. Whether you're looking for an additional 2-4 miles per gallon or moderate to extreme added horsepower and torque for towing or sport/race application, we can get you the best system available for your needs and in your price range. We have done and continue to do extensive dyno testing on all key performance parts as well as real-world fuel economy testing and comparison. So if we say that we can get you 3 more miles per gallon, its because we've done it ourselves in your specific model vehicle.

Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-1730750002
RCD 2003 - 2010 4.5L & 6.0L Ford Power Stroke IPR Valve SocketHigh quality socket for hand use to R&R IPR valve.3/8' Drive, Works best with swivel head ratchet...
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.0 0507HPOP
Lead Time is roughly 4-6 weeks! Please Call to Confirm!!PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL US TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY BEFORE ORDERINGThe Thumper I works great from stock up to 225CC injectors. This pump comes with a One Year Warranty. This pump netted and additional 100rwhp* over a new stock pump at 3000 RPM with..
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.4 RPIM
RCD's Ported Intake Manifold is the ultimate addition to any build you may be doing.We start by removing the bolts that pass down through the intake manifold, to stop the obvious interruption of flow, and then spend time cleaning up the runners.This product produces,Lower EGT's Faster Turbochar..
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.4 Lifter Set
6.4L Ford Powerstroke OEM Replacement Lifter Set.  2008-2010  Set of 16.RCD part number:  RCD-6.4 Lifter Set..
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-173088-0001
RCD Performance 6.4 Powerstroke Chromoly Pushrod SetBy far one of the cheapest upgrades you can do to increase the reliability of your modified 6.4 Powerstroke.With higher rpm's, higher boost level,s or higher backpressure levels, the factory pushrods can begin to flex and/or bend. With a bent pushr..
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-1730340001
RCD PErformance in conjunction with ARP has manufactured the cure for twisting the crankshaft adapter on your 6.0L or 6.4L Power stroke.Throw away those shoddy torque to yield bolts and utilize these special shoulder bolts to keep your externally balanced flywheel/flex plate in sync with your rotati..
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.0 Intake Set
2003 - 2007 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Complete Intake Manifold Gasket Set RCD Performance part number:  RCD-6.0 Intake Set..
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.0ORK
RCD Performance 6.0L Ford Power Stroke Remote Oil Filter Relocation Kit. RCD part number: RCD-6.0 Oil Relocation Kit..
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: INT-7080203C91
These are an upgrade from the stock OEM pistons that are prone to cracking. The bowl and center have been opened up and smoothed out compared to the factory Ford 6.4 piston. These are NOT machined factory pistons. Price is for a set of 8. RCD Performance part number: INT-7080203C91..
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.0 68mm VGT
RCD Performance Diesel 68mm Variable Geometry Turbo Kit starts as a brand new Garrett Powermax. RCD Performance modifies this to accept a 68mm compressor wheel. This 68mm Turbocharger features a enlarged turbine wheel and 68mm inducer.  It will support over 600 rear wheel horse power and is a drop i..
05-10 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Thumper II High Pressure Oil Pump
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.0 0507HPOPII
Backordered til Mid September   **Updated on 07/18/2022**For use with 225cc and up injectors. One Year Warranty.This pump will supply an additional 30% more oil than the stage 1, allowing it to support up to 295CC conventional injectors. This is more than ANY single High Pressure Oi..
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-6.0-6.4 SBA PAN
The 6.0L & 6.4L Powerstroke have suffered from continuous oil temperature problems.  We have designed these new custom fabricated aluminum oil pans to help wick the heat from your engine.  The factory units are made from dual layer laminated steel.  These work like blankets to hold the heat in your ..
Brand: RCD Performance Part Number: RCD-5R110WISMOD
5R110W 28 Spline 30mm Billet Intermediate Shaft Includes EDM`d Forward hub to accept shaft. $300 refundable core on undamaged forward drum. RCD Performance part number:  RCD-5R110WISMOD..
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