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Race Waiver

PDP Race/Liability Waiver

By entering your information below, and pressing the "Submit" button, the person that is activating this product(s) makes the following representations, and acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. I have asked Pure Diesel Power to sell me an Emission Kit for my vehicle or vehicle on which I am repairing or modifying.
2. I am aware that this Emission Kit is for use in vehicles to be used solely for competition and is not for use on vehicles that will be used for any other purpose than competition.
3. By signing below, I represent and warrant that I am purchasing an Emission Kit for the sole purpose of installing it on a vehicle that will be used solely in competition (and not on any public roadway), and that such vehicle is in a condition that makes its use other than in competition unsafe, impractical, or highly unlikely.
4. I have indicated to Pure Diesel Power that I am aware that if I use my vehicle for any purpose other than competition that this Emission Kit may cause my vehicle to fail emissions standards and testing and that I may be subject to penalties and fines. I also understand and am aware that installation of the Emission Kit may void vehicle & engine warranties. The undersigned assumes all responsibility for the forgoing.
5. I understand that I must destroy upon installation of the Emission Kit, or I acknowledge that I have already destroyed, the original emission label of the vehicle on which the Emission Kit is installed.
6. I understand that the above mentioned “Emission Kit” refer to: DPF deletes, DOC/Urea deletes, EGR deletes, EGR block-off plates, EGR cooler removal kits, and Any Emission deleting tuner or software.

Therefore, in consideration of Pure Diesel Power's agreement to sell the Emission Kit, I, on behalf of myself, and my successors, assigns, & affiliates (collectively the "Releasing Parties"), hereby release and forever waive and discharge Pure Diesel Power and its affiliates, successors, assigns, directors, officers, agents, representatives, employees and equipment manufacturers and distributors (Collectively the "released parties"), both jointly and severally, from any and all actions, covenants, claims and demands for damages or injuries (to the vehicle or any person or other property), and claims for penalties, fines, or other actions taken by any government authority, however arising, which may have been or may have been sustained by, or in any way relating or arising out of, the Emission Kit (including, without limitation, any claims related to failure to meet emission standards, failure of the vehicle to be used solely for competition, and voided warranties).

In witness hereof, I executed this Representation of Competitive Use Only and Release, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity having fully read and understood it and willingly agreeing to acknowledge all of its terms.

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