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PDP AMSOIL Arctic Cat ATV/UTV Oil Change Kit

PDP AMSOIL Arctic Cat ATV/UTV Oil Change Kit
PDP AMSOIL Arctic Cat ATV/UTV Oil Change Kit
  • Part Number: AC-EAOM109-Kit
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Pure Diesel Power now offers Oil Change Kits to make maintaining your ATV/UTV even easier!!


This kit comes standard with 2 quarts of AMSOIL Synthetic SAE 0w40 motor oil and 1 AMSOIL EaOM oil filter. Additional quarts of oil are available, please select between 2, 3, or 4 in options.


Resists Heat and Thermal Breakdown
AMSOIL engineered Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports Synthetic Motor Oil to withstand the high temperatures of recreational engines. It effectively resists oxidation and oil vaporization to help prevent carbon/varnish formation, control oil consumption and minimize exhaust emissions. It also controls oil thickening, promoting improved fuel economy, and it helps keep engines clean for peak operating efficiency.

Superior Wear Protection
AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports Oil is formulated with high levels of anti-wear additives that provide excellent protection for pistons, bearings and gears in transmission-containing units. Its shear-stable, SAE 40 viscosity delivers a thick lubricating film for an extra margin of protection in hard-working engines.

Churning occurs in high-rpm engines that can cause oil to foam, depleting its lubricating abilities and increasing heat and wear. AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports Oil controls foam, promoting cooler engine operation and reduced wear.

Special Additives
AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports Synthetic Motor Oil contains robust dispersant/detergent additives that effectively neutralize the high levels of acids and combustion by-products prone to small engines. It is anti-rust fortified for superior rust prevention, which is especially important in seasonally or infrequently used powersports equipment.

Maximum Protection Against Wear
The unique construction and full-synthetic media of Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters allow them to provide excellent performance in motorcycles and other powersports equipment. They are designed to last longer, remove smaller particles and offer less restriction than other filters. Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters provide filtering efficiency of 98.7 percent at 20 microns, delivering outstanding protection for motorcycles and other equipment.


Durable Construction
Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters feature a specially constructed silicone anti-drainback valve (where applicable) and a nitrile sealing gasket to go along with full-synthetic media. The anti-drainback valve provides excellent protection during startup and remains flexible in all temperatures. The nitrile sealing gasket resists chemical breakdown, providing excellent durability and ensuring long filter life. Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters are fluted for easy removal.

Ea Motorcycle Oil Filter Service Life
For maximum engine protection, AMSOIL recommends changing Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters at every oil change.

20 Microns

AMSOIL products are backed by a Limited Liability Warranty. For complete information visit


This kit fits the following applications:

ARCTIC CAT1000 LTD2011 - 2011951cc
ARCTIC CAT1000 MUD PRO2010 - 2015951cc
ARCTIC CAT1000 TRV2009 - 2013951cc
ARCTIC CAT1000 TRV CRUISER2009 - 2013951cc
ARCTIC CAT1000 TRV LTD2013 - 2015951cc
ARCTIC CAT1000 XT2013 - 2019951cc
ARCTIC CAT3502011 - 2012366cc
ARCTIC CAT366 4X4 AUTO2008 - 2009366cc
ARCTIC CAT366 4X4 AUTO SE2010 - 2011366cc
ARCTIC CAT3752000 - 2005375cc
ARCTIC CAT4002012 - 2015366cc
ARCTIC CAT4001999 - 2011400cc
ARCTIC CAT400 4X42005 - 2010366cc
ARCTIC CAT400 4X42008 - 2008376cc
ARCTIC CAT400 CR2013 - 2013366cc
ARCTIC CAT425 CR2012 - 2013425cc
ARCTIC CAT425 CR SE2012 - 2012425cc
ARCTIC CAT425 EFI CR2011 - 2011425cc
ARCTIC CAT4502010 - 2015443cc
ARCTIC CAT450 TRV2011 - 2012443cc
ARCTIC CAT450 XC2011 - 2015443cc
ARCTIC CAT4541998 - 1998454cc
ARCTIC CAT5002016 - 2019443cc
ARCTIC CAT5001998 - 2015493cc
ARCTIC CAT500 AUTO2001 - 2009493cc
ARCTIC CAT500 AUTO TRV2004 - 2015493cc
ARCTIC CAT500 XR2015 - 2015443cc
ARCTIC CAT500 XT2013 - 2015443cc
ARCTIC CAT550 4X4 AUTO2009 - 2014545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 AUTO TRV2009 - 2011545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 GT2012 - 2012545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 H1 EFI TRV GT2011 - 2011545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 LTD2011 - 2014545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 S2011 - 2011545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 TRV CRUISER2011 - 2012545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 TRV GT2011 - 2012545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 TRV LTD2013 - 2013545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 TRV XT2013 - 2015545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 XR2015 - 2015545cc
ARCTIC CAT550 XT2013 - 2014545cc
ARCTIC CAT6502010 - 2012641cc
ARCTIC CAT650 H1 AUTO2006 - 2011641cc
ARCTIC CAT650 H1 AUTO LE2005 - 2007641cc
ARCTIC CAT650 TBX AUTO2009 - 2009641cc
ARCTIC CAT650 TBX H1 AUTO2007 - 2007641cc
ARCTIC CAT650 TRV AUTO2009 - 2009641cc
ARCTIC CAT650 TRV H1 AUTO2007 - 2008641cc
ARCTIC CAT7002006 - 2014695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 DIESEL2000 - 2000493cc
ARCTIC CAT700 EFI2007 - 2008695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 EFI H12008 - 2011695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 EFI H1 LE2009 - 2010695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 EFI H1 MUD PRO2009 - 2011695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 EFI H1 SE2008 - 2009695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 EFI LE2007 - 2007695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 EFI M42008 - 2008695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 EFI SE2006 - 2006695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 LTD2011 - 2014695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 MUD PRO2009 - 2015695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 TBX2010 - 2015695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 TRV2008 - 2015695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 XR2015 - 2015695cc
ARCTIC CAT700 XT2013 - 2014695cc
ARCTIC CAT700S H1 EFI2010 - 2011695cc
ARCTIC CATALTERRA 4002016 - 2019366cc
ARCTIC CATALTERRA 4502016 - 2016443cc
ARCTIC CATAlterra 5002017 - 2019443cc
ARCTIC CATALTERRA 5502016 - 2016545cc
ARCTIC CATALTERRA 550 XT2016 - 2016545cc
ARCTIC CATALTERRA 7002016 - 2019695cc
ARCTIC CATALTERRA 700XT2016 - 2019695cc
ARCTIC CATAlterra TRV 1000 XT2017 - 2019951cc
ARCTIC CATAlterra TRV 5002017 - 2019443cc
ARCTIC CATAlterra TRV 700 XT2017 - 2019695cc
ARCTIC CATBEARCAT1996 - 1998454cc
Arctic CatBearcat 3000 LT2017 - 2017700cc
ARCTIC CATHDX 500XT2016 - 2017443cc
ARCTIC CATHDX 700 CREW XT2017 - 2017695cc
ARCTIC CATHDX 700XT2016 - 2017695cc
ARCTIC CATMudPro 1000 LTD2017 - 2019951cc
ARCTIC CATMudPro 700 LTD2016 - 2019695cc
ARCTIC CATPROWLER 1000 XTZ2009 - 20131000cc
ARCTIC CATPROWLER 1000 XTZ2014 - 2015951cc
ARCTIC CATPROWLER 5002017 - 2017443cc
ARCTIC CATPROWLER 550 XT2009 - 2015550cc
ARCTIC CATPROWLER 6502005 - 2011650cc
ARCTIC CATPROWLER 7002008 - 2015695cc
ARCTIC CATPROWLER HDX 5002014 - 2015443cc
ARCTIC CATPROWLER HDX 7002011 - 2015695cc
ARCTIC CATProwler XT 10002016 - 2017952cc
ARCTIC CATProwler XT 7002016 - 2017695cc
ARCTIC CATTBX 7002016 - 2019695cc
ARCTIC CATTHUNDERCAT 1000 H22009 - 2011951cc
ARCTIC CATTRV 1000 XT L7E2016 - 2016951cc
ARCTIC CATTRV 550 XT EPS2016 - 2016545cc
ARCTIC CATTRV 700 SE2016 - 2016695cc
ARCTIC CATTRV 700 T3S2016 - 2016695cc

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