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18+ Can Am X3 AA Adjustable Helix Kit

18+ Can Am X3 AA Adjustable Helix Kit
18+ Can Am X3 AA Adjustable Helix Kit
  • Part Number: 108-1040x
  • Est. Ship Time: Usually Ships In 1-2 Business Days
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  •  Adjustable helix kit will fit 2018-Up X3 172HP, 195HP & 200HP base models
  • Will also fit 154 & 120HP models but we do not have base setups for these models yet
  • 172HP X3 R Model Notes:  This helix is more aggressive all around to give you WAY better up shift for harder acceleration, yet still has excellent RPM ramp up.  If you install this helix in hole C1 you will see a drop in RPM roughly 200-300 RPM.  The ideal setup is to purchase our clutch kit with all 6 arms.  If you already have our 3 arm clutch kit please email and we can get you the other 6 arms & green primary spring.  You could also increase secondary spring tension but your acceleration might not be quite as good.  This varies with the tires/terrain you ride in.
  • 195-200HP X3 RR Model Notes:  This helix will work with a stock primary setup if need be and will require some fine tuning. It's highly suggested to install our S3 clutch kit which includes the helix, plus the primary weights and spring.  This is listed as more of an upgrade to our S2 kit which does not include the helix.  
  • Choose between two helix styles:
    • Performance Helix 1053 is an aggressive helix with acceleration/higher horsepower/aggressive fast pace drivers in mind.
    • High Load Helix 1050 is slightly less aggressive than the 1053 helix with good acceleration gains/power transfer over the OEM helix. Designed for a heavier vehicle, heavier tires, heavy sand load or crawling type riding in mind.
  • Easy to adjust!  The primary weights are a great tuning tool to have, but being able to adjust the helix allows for quicker adjustments.  This allows you to easily dial in your peak RPM for optimum performance and is especially important for those that switch tires often or ride both dunes & trails.
  • This kit includes:  AA adjustable helix and helix adjustment tools
  • A must-have when changing tires, tuning your machine, or running paddles
  • Excellent acceleration gains and better power transfer to the rear wheels
  • Helix Installation Video:
  • You will need a clutch compression tool to install the helix.  This is a drop down option, and you can see this tool HERE
  • We found the stock secondary spring to work the absolute best out of 50+ we've tested with, hands down.  
  • Target peak RPM for stock or any other tune with the rev limit set between 8300-8700 RPM is 7700-7900 RPM.  For AA tunes and other tunes with an 8800-9000 RPM rev limit, target should be 7900-8300.  Testing should be done on a somewhat level ground from a 10-20MPH roll on to full WOT and RPM checked as passing by 55-60MPH.
  • Aftermarket Assassins: 108-1040, 108-1040-1050, 108-1040-1053

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