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17+ Can Am X3 Turbo AA Blow Off Valve Kit

  • Fits all X3 turbo 154hp, 172hp 195hp & 200hp models with the intercooler (might fit non intercooled 120hp as well, but have not verified this)
  • Gives you that classic CHHHH sound when letting off the throttle
  • Eliminates turbo surge that you can hear when letting off the throttle with the factory setup which has no blow off valve.  Turbo surge is bad for your turbo and is noticed even more when turning up the boost.
  • BOV tuned specifically for the X3 through extensive testing and data logging
  • A must have when running 20 PSI or higher boost to prevent turbocharger damage in on/off throttle conditions.  
  • Installs easily into your factory charge tube by cutting and installing our aluminum BOV adapter.  The brass barb fitting threads into an existing stock hole in the intake plenum.  Great instructions included.
  • This is diverter style BOV which is better than some of the other open top style BOV's.  Why?  Well in the off road world the less chance water, dirt or sand can enter the valve, the better.  Many traditional auto style BOV's have 3-5 ports on the top.  With ours, it has a single 1" port on the bottom.  With our filter and the help of gravity, this has a much less chance of having an issue with dirt or water. 
  • Tested in all conditions including mud/water.  We do not suggest having this installed if you plan on going in water holes over 2ft deep.  This valve comes with a block off plug where you can remove it if you know you'll be going into deep water.
  • Our valves are purchased as parts and we assemble them here with modifications.  You may see others offering similar valves, but they are not created equal!
  • Kit includes: AA blow off valve, BOV filter, BOV adapter pipe, Short 1" hose, two 1" hose clamps, two t-bolt clamps, vacuum hose, barb fitting for intake plenum
  • Filter is no longer the red one in the pictures, but the carbon fiber looking filter in the last picture
  • Sounds clip here:
  • See instructions HERE
  • Aftermarket Assassins: 112-1014
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