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14-24 Polaris AA Heavy Duty Primary Clutch Puller

Fits 2016-2020 RZR Turbo Models, 2014-24 RZR XP 1000, Xpedition, All General 1000, RS1, All RZR 900 S/Trail/XC, All RZR 1000 S/Trail S, All Ranger XP 900, Ranger, Ranger 1000 Old Body Style, and many others
*** DOES NOT FIT MODELS WITH THE P90X PRIMARY CLUTCH***  Models with the P90X clutch need the special P90X puller.  These models include all year Pro XP, Turbo R, New Body style Ranger 1000, 2021 RZR Turbo, and Pro R 4 Cylinder

  • In short, this puller will work on most Polaris vehicles, except those with the P90X clutch
  • This heavy duty primary clutch puller makes removing the primary clutch easy.  This is not necessary to install clutch kits, but it save your back, some fighting, and make adjustments easier.  Just remove your primary clutch bolt with a 13/16" socket using an impact wrench or with a regular ratchet and pry bar through the clutch.  Thread this puller in by hand, then use the same method previously to tighten the puller in, and eventually it will pull the clutch off the tapered crankshaft.  
  • Having trouble removing your clutch?  Try using grease on the threads and tip of the puller to allow it to spin further.  If that does not work CAREFULLY pound on the end of the puller.  After hitting the puller with a hammer, try threading the puller in further and repeat these steps.  An impact gun might not be enough sometimes.  If you don't see the puller spin after pounding on it and you are using an impact, move to the pry bar and breaker bar method.  We have found most naturally aspirated models have few issues coming off, but the RZR XP Turbo can be stubborn. 

See instructions HERE

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