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Universal Starter Protective Heat Insulation Barrier Blanket Kit

Universal Thermal Zero Starter Protective Heat Insulation Barrier Blanket Kit




The Universal Stater Heat blanket kit is an extremely inexpensive solution to a common problem that a multitude of both OEM and aftermarket system are plagued with.  Overheating and eventual death of the starter because of the close proximity of the exhaust to the starter.  Often times a starter that is exposed to extreme heat and will prematurely fail or bind up and leave you stranded.  This blanket easily solves that problem by both insulating the starter from high exhaust temperatures and reflecting radiant heat that the exhaust gives off.


Supplied with the kit is a 7″ x 22″ piece of thick aluminized fiberglass blanket material along with two 23″ stainless steel zip ties.  The kit is extremely easy to install and will add life to your starter.


-Easy to install

-Reflective aluminized material handles over 2000°F radiant heat.

-Perfect solution to damaging heat in close proximity to the starter.

-Extremely inexpensive starter insurance.

-Fits most any starter from big to small.  Cut to fit material.

-Adds life to your starter by keeping it cool.