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Thermal Zero Thick High Temperature Aluminized Heat Blanket Material Shielding Mat (36″ x 36″ mat)

This aluminized vermiculite coated fiberglass mat is extremely thick and capable of insulating any surface or area from extreme radiant heat.

It can easily be cut into shapes and secured into position with screws, rivets or apply adhesive and stick into place.

Aluminized surface capable of reflecting up to 2000°F radiant heat.

Fiberglass insulating surface capable of retaining up to 600°F direct heat long term and short term up to 1000°F direct contact heat.


-Very thick vermiculite coated fiberglass aluminized mat

-9 square feet included (36″x36″ mat)

-Capable of reflecting up to 2000°F radiant heat

-Easily cut and secure into place

-Extremely versatile use


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