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Thermal Zero Reflective Aluminized Insulation Wrap 2″ wide x 25′ long Roll

Reflective aluminized insulation tape or wrap is best used on surfaces you wish to keep cold.  Although it can handle 500°F direct heat it is not intended to touch extreme heat sources.  Instead the purpose of this wrap is to keep a pipe that is close to a heat source cool and insulate that pipe.


The wrap is designed with a vermiculite coated fiberglass inside layer that is about 1/16″ thick which is bonded to a thin aluminum outside reflective layer.  The aluminized layer helps to reflect radiant heat away keeping what is wrapped cool in a hot environment.


This same material is what we use to manufacture our aluminized sheathing.  It does amazingly well in very close proximity to extreme heat sources.  Use for your turbo feed or drain oil lines.  Fuel lines to prevent vapor lock.  Air intake hoses and piping or even radiator piping and wires or cables.  Quite literally anything you want to keep cool that is close to a hot surface.


This wrap does not have a sticky surface and must be installed with either plastic zip ties, wire or stainless steel ties.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice