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Thermal Zero High Temperature Lava Aluminized Protective Heat Insulation Sheathing

Our lava insulation sheathing picks up where our regular aluminized sheathing left off in terms of heat protection and insulation qualities.  The lava sheathing is capable of handling extreme  heat because of its woven pulverized lava rock composition.  The sheathing itself can easily handle 3000°F radiant heat making it the most heat resistant and durable sheathing we offer. Available in a variety of internal diameters: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″ Thermal Zero protective LAVA Aluminized Heat Sheathing can be used for a large variety of purposes.  Fuel lines, electrical wiring, oil lines and spark plug cables are just a few common uses. Our lava aluminized sheathing is made in 36 inch lengths and come in a variety of inside diameters.  The sheathing is made from a high grade aluminum bonded pulverized lava rock mat.  It is very flexible and can easily be cut down to the correct size.


-Lava material easily handles EXTREME radiant heat

-Lock stitched edge makes cutting to proper length easy

-Aluminized layer also acts as radio noise barrier

-Flexible and easy to install

-Made in the USA

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