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Position 1 Performance Easy Install Fuel Tank Sump

New from Position 1 Performance; An easy-to-install fuel tank sump!

  • Only requires 1 three inch hole in the bottom of your fuel tank!
  • No drilling individual holes for the mounting bolts!
  • Heavy Duty O-Ring Seal
  • 2 - 3/8NPT ports, one facing straight down for easy tank draining, and one facing out for a fuel feed, OR, use both ports for fuel feeds.
  • Anodized Black, Blue, & NOW in Red!

To install, simply:

  1. 1. Drain fuel from fuel tank
  2. 2. Drill a 3 inch hole in a flat part of the bottom of your fuel tank
  3. 3. Install horseshoe piece in tank (can be done without going through top of tank)
  4. 4. Align sump mounting bolts with threaded holes in horseshoe piece
  5. 5. Center sump on 3 inch hole in tank
  6. 6. Evenly tighten the 7 bolts 
  7. 7. Install fuel fittings and put 5 gallons of fuel in tank, verifying there are no leaks

It is recommended that you use:

Blue Loctite on the stainless steel bolts
Teflon tape or pipe dope on fuel fittings
Silicone around lip/gap between sump & tank


Now Available In Red!


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