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Fass 1-1/2" Filler Neck Return Manifold

Plumb the return line back to your fuel filler neck with the FASS RM-1004-A 1-1/2" Filler Neck Return Manifold. This manifold is included in many FASS Fuel System Kits and features a 1-1/2" diameter. 

  • 1-1/2" Diameter 
  • Fuel Return Manifold
  • For FASS Fuel Systems 
Application Notes: 
This product is intended for use with a FASS System. 
Any other custom applications or modifications are the responsibility of the end user. 
In some cases, this return is used when a no tank drop fuel tank sump is installed. Eliminating the need to access the top of the fuel tank for the return line.  
Included in the TS C11 095G, TS C11 165G, TS D08 095G, TS D08 165G, TS F16 095G, and TS F16 165G FASS Fuel Systems. 

Part number: RM-1004-A

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