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Diesel Rx® Universal Fuel Sump

DieselRx® delivers on the promise of long lasting quality products with the release of the Fuel Sump!

  • American made and assembled – it is built to last
  • The sump body is crafted with clear anodized aircraft grade aluminum
  • Installation hardware is corrosion resistant stainless steel

So, Why the DieselRx® Fuel Sump?

Increase the performance and reliability of your diesel pick-up –all with less maintenance!

The DieselRx®Fuel Sump provides efficient and reliable fuel delivery. By working with gravity to pull fuel from the bottom of the tank it overcomes the natural pitfalls of the draw straw.

  • Eliminates quarter tank starvation
  • No more pulling or stalling
  • Increase performance of your diesel
  • Install on any diesel with a 4.5" diameter flange on a flat surface
  • Installation takes less than an hour!

Who will benefit form the proven reliability of the DieselRx® Fuel Sump?

  • Diesel Enthusiasts
  • Daily Drivers
  • Competition Diesel Pick-Ups

To maximize your results, use with an AirDog II-4G!

DieselRx part number: DRX09SMP

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