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Fass Bulkhead And Viton Suction Tube Kit

Install the FASS STK-1005 Bulkhead and Viton Suction Tube Kit to improve fuel volume delivery to your FASS Lift Pump. The STK-1005 utilizes the factory fuel tank module to pull and return fuel to the fuel basket, eliminating 1/4 tank fuel issues. This kit works with 1/2" or 5/8" suction line. A second STK-1005 kit can be installed for not only a high flow FASS suction, but a high flow FASS return, too!

Increase Fuel Volume
Eliminates 1/4 Tank Fuel Issues
Pulls & Returns Fuel To Fuel Basket
For Use With 1/2" Or 5/8" Suction Line

Note: Your fuel module must have at least a 3/8" I.D. return tube. If there is not a spare port that is adequate, a separate STK-1005 assembly must be used for the return.

Part number: STK-100

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