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Magnaflow 5" Stainless Steel Exhaust Band Clamp (10-Pack)

With their high torque design, these band clamps offer a tighter seal versus conventional u-clamps and flat band clamps. Premium Stainless Steel Torca construction.

  • Performance Pressure Seal - Exhaust clamp 10167 is engineered to create a 360° pressure seal that ensures an airtight fit without distorting the connected pipe.
  • High Strength Reaction Block - This clamp’s durable high-strength reaction block is designed to retain a tight, highly performant seal regardless of radical temperature changes or exposure to adverse road conditions.
  • Durable Stainless Steel - Clamp 10167 is made of durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel to ensure reliable exhaust system performance and a long service life.
  • Universal Fitment - 10167 is designed to be compatible with any 4" diameter exhaust pipe. The straightforward design enables DIY-friendly installation and flexibility when it comes to system implementation.

Part number: 10167

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