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Airaid Intake Pre-Filter

The AIRAID Pre-Filter is highly recommended for use over your AIRAID premium air filter in extremely dirty environments. The AIRAID Pre-Filter is manufactured from a durable water resistant polyester material and helps to support longer service intervals for the AIRAID washable air filter that the pre-filter protects. With uniform micro openings that filter out debris 5 microns and larger, the dyno & flow bench testing has proven no significant loss in power or airflow using this product.


  • Filters our particles down to 5 microns
  • Installs in seconds over your existing air filter
  • More than doubles cleaning intervals
  • Water Resistant For Extreme Protection
  • Works with Airaid Intake part numbers: 400-214-1, 200-287, 200-215, 200-219, 200-289
  • Size: 11"X 8" B X 7" X 4" T X 10" L
  • Part number: 799-472
Lame California Prop 65 Notice
Tags: Pre-Filter , Airaid