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Thermal Zero Welders Finger Tip Cover

Tig welding long passes in or confined areas can be difficult, especially when you don’t have proper protection.


The Welders finger tip cover adds an extra layer of protection between your hand and the extremely hot piece you are welding.  The cover simply slips over your gloved hand that holds the torch and typically drags along the metal surface you are welding.


This pouch is sewn from one continuous length of material and features a double layer of basalt or vermiculite coated fiberglass (your choice) .


Vermiculite coated fiberglass max heat range: up to 1000°F


Basalt (pulverized lava rock) fiber: 2000°F


We always suggest you use proper protection when welding and use this as an extra layer.  We do not suggest using this cover as the ONLY protection while welding.

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