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Heatshield Products Armor Weld Tape 1" by 39" Long

Insulation Type: Heat shield, reflects heat away
Rated To :Heat shield exhaust header wrap
Heatshield Armor Weld Tape™ is used to seam edges of Heatshield Armor™ together to complete installation. It can also be used to protect the ends of the exposed insulation of the Heatshield Armor™ to further protect it from the elements and extend the product's life. The Heatshield Armor Weld Tape can also be used to shield radiant heat from components. The heavy duty peel and stick adhesive will stick to any CLEAN surface.

  • Continuous operating reflective temperature of 1100°F, 2000°F intermittent
  • Reflect heat away
  • Also used to seal and repair Heatshield Armor and HP Sticky Shield
  • 0.003” thick
Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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