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Fleetguard FF5712 - Fuel Filter for FASS 95 Series

Remove harmful contaminants from your fuel and protect your fuel systems with this Fleetguard FF5712 fuel filter. It replaces FASS FS-2001 filters and provides best-in-class performance with its advanced filtration media.

Note: It will work only with the FASS 95 Series fuel pumps, so check the tag on the side of your pump's housing to see which series your pump is in, before ordering.

Shipment Height: 151.64 mm (5.97 in)   

Largest OD: 93.73 mm (3.69 in)

Overall Height: 151.64 mm (5.97 in)

Standpipe: NO

Thread Size: 13/16-16 UNS-2B

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