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Edge Back Up Camera License Plate Mount for CTS3

The Edge Products 98203 Back-Up Camera License Plate Mount is specifically designed for use with any of the Edge Products CTS3 monitors or DiabloSport Trinity 2. This back-up camera is automatically engaged when reserve is detected in most vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission. It can also be switch on manually at any time with camera icon on the top menu screen of your CTS3 monitor. With an adjustable camera angle and night vision mode to help see in the dark, this camera is a must have for those with a trailer hitch.  

  • IP67 Waterproof Rating
  • Adjustable Camera Angle 
  • Durable Black Metal Finish 
  • RCA To USB Video Signal Adapter 
  • Night Vision LEDs For optimal Lighting 
  • Camera View Available Anytime With CTS3 
  • Auto Engage Camera When Reverse Is Detected In Automatic Vehicles  
  • Quick & Easy Installation To Connect To Any Edge CTS3 Monitor Or DiabloSport Trinity 2
Note: Automatic camera engagement works on automatic applications when gear PID is an option. 

Edge part number: 98203

Lame California Prop 65 Notice