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03-18 Dodge Behind Roll Pan 2” Receiver

Whether you are running a dedicated pulling truck or just a daily driver, this is the only receiver you want to use!

The 03-14 Dodge Short Box Big Hitch Products BEHIND roll pan 2" receiver hitch will give your truck that clean smoothed look with a roll pan installed.

Product Features:

•It will be completely hidden BEHIND the roll pan allowing for easy access threw the license plate hole for towing
•It will move the towing point forward on the truck almost 8" resulting in better weight distribution and an advantage when truck pulling

Weight Rating:

Our hitches are the strongest on the market!
SAE J684-05 certified
Class 4+ Receiver
(20,000lbs Weight Carrying Capacity / 2,000lbs Max Tongue Weight)


•Complete bolt in design! No cutting or welding required. Spare tire must be removed
•Some trucks may require the factory frame holes to be reamed out a little bit to allow for the larger hardware to be installed
•Box will need to be either pulled off completely or simply tilted up in the back to get factory hitch out

All necessary hardware included.
Does NOT include trailer plug mount.


BHP Part Number: 10012

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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