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01-21 GM 6.6L Duramax Merchant Engine Seal Driver Kit

When it comes to installing the front and rear main seals on your Duramax Diesel engine, you are going to need the right tools for the job. Without the correct tools, you can misalign your seals, causing future leaks that will need to be addressed. Merchant Automotive has recognized the need for a specialty tool for this job and has developed the Merchant Automotive Duramax engine seal driver kit.

This kit features two engine seal drivers, one for the front main seal and one for the rear main seal. These drivers fit over the seal and allow you to use a rubber mallet to tap the seal into place with ease. Each driver features a lip that automatically sets the correct depth of the seal once it is tapped in. This means you can install your front and rear main seal with very little chances of making mistakes.


Each seal driver is finished in a black finish with white lettering. The drivers are labeled front and rear and will feature an MA logo to showcase your favorite Duramax parts supplier. Pick up this engine seal driver kit today to keep in your toolbox to make your engine seal jobs much easier.



  • Simplifies Engine Seal Installation
  • All In One Kit
  • Automatic Depth Setting


  • Includes Front/Rear Main Seal Drivers
  • Black Finish With Front/Rear Labels
  • Built To Last

Kit Includes

  • Front Main Seal Driver, Duramax #10328
  • Rear Main Seal Driver, Duramax #10330


Part number: 10371

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