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KDT Slide Action Injector Removal Tool w/free Additional Adapter
-10 %
Part Number: KDTSAT
This Slide Action tool from Kurz Diesel & Tooling is the perfect gift for any diesel mechanic. KDT has optimized this tool to work with many models and parts, they are also producing adapters to fit more models. Special Introductory Pricing and FREE 14x1.5 Adapter 14x1.5 Adapter fits the following..
$269.95 $299.95

Part Number: 22-8512
Max Torque's Assembly Lubricant is a trusted lubricant that is excellent to treat threads before assembly of tools, bolts, or other fasteners. Features: Helps Prevent Corrosion and Seizing of Fasteners Helps to Torque to Proper Specifications Includes Application Brush and Resealable Bottle C..

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