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RBP Clamp On 5" to 8" Polished Exhaust Tip

Backordered with No ETA  **Updated on 03/14/2023**
Provide a sweet finishing touch to your tailpipes with RBP RX-7 Exhaust Tips. Designed to enhance, RBP Exhaust Tips transform bare metal tailpipes into powerful statements of performance and style. While RBP Exhaust Tips are designed to rev up aesthetics, they're also as rugged as they look, and built to last for the long haul. The exhaust tips are made using only premium T-304 stainless steel which is then polished to a high mirror shine using a 4 stage hand polishing process. Then, the seal of approval and authentication is applied: the RBP logo, including the iconic RBP star, is 3D Laser cut into the side of the tip, with an off-setting color backplate - making it easily identifiable at a glance. RBP Exhaust Tips can be wrenched-on in minutes and require no welding - but can be welded on for additional security. Our specialized Magnum Series Exhaust tips utilize up to a 10 inch outlet, making SURE your pipes stand out in the crowd

Tip Inlet: 5 inch
Tip Outlet: 8 inch
Tip Length: 15 inch

Part number: RBP-58003-7

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