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Magnaflow 4.0" Diesel Metallic-Cat Federal Catalytic Converter

MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust has spun body catalytic converters utilizing the revolutinary new metallic catalyst technology.
(These universal converters are specially formulated to control diesel exhaust.)

Using new manufacturing technology, Magnaflow fabricates each converter body from single CNC-formed and laster welded tubular section, which is then spun into a round converter body shape.
Each converter is literally manufactured around the metallic catalyst, which is securely tucked inside, and necks down to thicker gauge material at the inlet/outlet for maximum durability.
The catalyst is a spirally wound ultra thin metallic foil.

These new universal diesel spun body catlytic converters have no welds and contain a metallic substrate for optimum CFM flow and maximum durability. Specifically designed for the Ford PowerstOrke and Dodge Cummins.

Magnaflow: 60111 Diesel Metallic-Cat Catalytic Converter

4 Inch Inlet, 4 Inch Outlet, Weld-in design.

12" overall length.

Not for sale or installation on vehicles in California.

Lame California Prop 65 Notice