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Flo Pro 5"x18" Twister Aluminized Resonator/Muffler

5" Inlet, 5" outlet, 18" overall length resonator by Flo Pro.

Introducing Flo-Pro's TWISTER muffler/resonators. 
Welded construction for strength & durability featuring a continuous spiral design minimizing turbulence for greater flow which increases hp over other spiral baffle designs. 

Flo-Pro's Spiral design is less restrictive than glass packed designs, and the dual flow path cancels noise and creates a vacuum effect that accelerates the exhaust through the muffler.

  • Race Muffler That Fits In Tight Places
  • Reduces Noise To Meet Most Track Requirements
  • Works as a Resonator on Noisy Diesel Applications
  • Insignificant Loss Of Horsepower From Open Headers
  • Great Fit For Street-Legal High Performance Vehicles

Flo Pro part number: 51600

Lame California Prop 65 Notice
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