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MBRP 4" To 5" Black Hex Exhaust Tip

Customize the look of your vehicle with this hex exhaust tip from MBRP. Made from black coated T304 stainless steel

You can use a black exhaust system to customize your exhaust system. Even after other chrome tips corroded. They are easy to clean and simple to put in.

The T5164BLK can be used in all vehicles as long as it is compatible with these dimensions 5" OD, single wall angled end, 16" length, 4" inlet. The product weighs less than 2.5 pounds and is one-foot long. The MBRP clamp no-weld design makes choosing the perfect tip easy.  Cheap chrome-dipped can rust and peel and are less durable and resistant to corrosion, 

The high-temp black ceramic coating, which features the MBRP branding in raised letters, enhances the quality. An innovative integrated clamp design ensures a clean installation that anyone can do. The metal is rolled around the edges and cut at an angle to smooth it.

Your vehicle will sound more satisfying with a thicker inner wall. Bolt-on technology makes it simple to attach your exhaust pipe. The stylish stainless-steel material is powder-coated in black and gives your vehicle a new look. This protects your tailpipe from dirt, rain, rocks, and other debris. It also helps to prevent deformation and damage.

Full dimensions: 5" OD, single wall angled end, 16" length, 4" inlet

Part number: T5164BLK


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