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Thermal Zero Power Pack 1″ Ceramic Muffler Packing Kit (2 sqft)

Thermal Zero Power Pack 1″ Ceramic Muffler Packing Kit (2 sqft)




The Thermal Zero Power Pack muffler packing kit contains a 2 square foot (1″ x 12″ x 24″) section of 4 pound density ceramic material.  This kit contains enough material to typically repack two motorcycle mufflers or one automotive muffler.

Our ceramic muffler packing kits are far more dense than normal fiberglass packing material allowing the muffler that is repacked with our material to have a much better tone.  Ceramic material is also superior to fiberglass in that it is much more durable and able to handle nearly three times the amount of heat than fiberglass.

Our packing kits have sufficient heat resistance (2500°F) where they can also be used on pottery kilns, wood burning stoves, glass blowing furnaces, etc…


-Thermal Zero Power Pack ceramic muffler packing

-Kit contains enough to do two mufflers for most applications

-Far more dense than loose cut fiberglass packing

-Very high temperature and a more durable material than most OEM packing

-When properly packed the increased density of ceramic yields more power and deeper tone in most applications.



Thermal Zero Part Number: MPK1