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Thermal Zero Lava High Temperature Exhaust/Header Heat Wrap

Thermal Zero Lava High Temperature Exhaust/Header Heat Wrap




Lava high temperature heat wrap is designed and engineered to withstand the highest of temperatures. Lava wrap is manufactured from actual pulverized lava rock which is stranded into a fiber then woven into a highly durable and extremely heat resistant wrap.  Lava wrap is stronger and more reliable than fiberglass wraps and provides better thermal performance and durability. It will maintain flexibility even after being exposed to direct extreme temperatures.


Extremely pliable for tight & secure wrap

Withstands 1800°F direct / 2500°F intermittent heat

High performance heat retention with a carbon fiber look

Natural color will not fade

Pre-wetting roll not necessary for wrapping

Great for Headers, Manifolds, Exhaust Systems, etc.

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