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REV-X Distance + Winter Diesel Fuel Additive 8 Oz Bottle 2 Pack

REV-X Distance + Winter Diesel Fuel Additive 8 Oz Bottle 2 Pack

From Rev-X Rev-X





The last thing anyone wants when running a diesel powered vehicle or diesel power equipment in cold weather is to get stranded or shut down due to gelled fuel.  DISTANCE+ WINTER has been formulated in some of the coldest regions of the country to provide real world data on what a winter based fuel additive needs to address.  The test results gained from these regions has allowed us to formulate the highest performing winter fuel additive available. 

Benefits of using DISTANCE+ WINTER Diesel Fuel Additive:

*Unmatched Winter Running to -45F.

*Greatly Improved Cold Starts.*

*6 Point Cetane Increase

*Increased Engine Performance.

*Increase Efficiency.

*Increased Corrosion Protection.

*Reduced Component Wear.

*Reduced Engine Emissions and Toxic Smoke.

*Increase Fuel Storage Life.

*Increased Water Separation.

*Reduced EGT Temperatures
*Treats 200 Gallons!

When you're looking for a proven product with real world experience for your vehicle or your fleet there is only one product that can deliver the performance and protection for extreme cold weather operation with ULSD fuel and that is DISTANCE+ WINTER Fuel Additive.

Application Chart - Distance + Winter, Diesel
Description Item Quantity
All Per 25 Gallons 1 oz


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