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Pulling Products Fully Adjustable Competition Sled Pulling Hitch 2.5 Inch

Pulling Products Fully Adjustable Competition Sled Pulling Hitch 2.5 Inch




This is a fully adjustable pulling hitch with a 3.75 in. hole CNC cut out of a 1 in. plate with a 1 in. band of steel around the hole. It is designed for trucks with a 2.5 inch receiver hitch. 

The hitch is designed to fit as close as possible to the truck for better weight distribution. This will reduce lifting of your trucks front axle and give better handling and traction when driving down the track.

The adjustable T on the hitch is made out of solid plate that is CNC cut, therefore no weld is required to hold the vertical piece to the horizontal piece because it is constructed of solid steel. Therefore no gusseting is needed, so the hitch remains closer to the truck which reduces stress on your truck's receiver.

  • Adjustable to raise hitch 7.5 in. from top of the receiver
  • Adjustable to lower hitch 8.5 in. from top of the receiver
  • official size 3.75 in hole

CNC plasma cut

18 different height configurations

Made in the USA.

Pulling Products Sled Hitch is designed for competition and off-road recovery applications only, and is not intended for use on public roads.

LIFETIME WARRANTY If you break your pulling hitch, just send it back and we will replace it at no cost to you.

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