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Universal 45 Degree Elbow Pipe Blanket for 4″ Diameter – Black

This elbow pipe blanket was originally designed to fit on the  HE351CW and Hy35W turbocharger downpipe elbow that is found on OEM 04.5-09 DODGE RAM trucks with the 5.9L 24V.  The blanket efficiently covers the necessary bits of downpipe elbow while also staying close to the housing.


We found however that this blanket can realistically fit just about any 45 degree pipe that is 4″ in diameter.


The blanket features 1/2″ thick 6 pound density ceramic mat on the inside allowing it to handle 2500° Fahrenheit direct contact heat.  The exterior is made from a high temperature and very durable Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass.  This blanket is designed to retain heat lowering engine bay temperatures and increase turbo spool times.  Another great thing is that it is handmade right here in the USA.


Not sure if this blanket will fit your turbo.  Check the known good fit turbo models below or measure your turbo and check the measurement picture above to verify it will be a good fit.


Suggested Turbocharger Models:
Holset HE351CW4036835HY35W40436004089797


All Thermal Zero blankets are hand made here in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.

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