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01-04 Dodge 2.7L Sprinter Rotomaster Turbo Rebuild Kit

2001-2004 2.7L Dodge Sprinter

The Sprinters are absolutely notorious for one thing....longevity.  For most, Sprinters are used to service their trade, basically being used as a tool for their business.  As with the majority of tools, they will be used and abused until there is nothing left of them.  For those of you that are driving your Sprinter until the wheels fall off, you either have, or will need to replace your turbo.  Instead of purchasing an entire turbo, we can help save you money by offering this turbo rebuild kit from the best in the business:  Rotomaster.


  • (1)  Piston Ring T/End
  • (4) M5 x 0.8 Bolt
  • (1) Shaft Nut M5 x 0.8
  • (1)  Journal Bearing
  • (1) O-Ring
  • (1) Journal Bearing Pin
  • (1) Retaining Ring
  • (1) Thrust Collar
  • (1) Thrust Bearing
  • (1) Thrust Spacer
  • (1) Piston Ring C/End

Part number: A1220301N

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