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19-22 Sprinter + Winnebago Reval + 22 Sprinter S&B Tanks 40 Gallon Midship Replacement Fuel Tank

Specific fitment details:

19-22 Sprinter 3.0L Diesel 170" Wheelbase

2022 170" Crew Vans, Sanctuary, Tranquility, Entegra Launch, Jayco Terrain, 2020+ Revels with AGM and Lithium batteries and any builds that have plumbing or interference behind the original fuel tank

Important: The fuel gauge will only work accurately on vans with the J51 fuel gauge (optimized for aux. fuel tap). All 2020+ Revels should have been built with this option

The S&B Tank comes with all the components to remove your 24 gallon tank and replace it with our 40 gallon tank. The tank mounts in the stock location with an additional rear strap. The tank occupies the space forward (11.2 inches) and rearward (5.2 inches) of the original tank. Even with more fuel on board, your fuel gauge will remain accurate thanks to S&B’s tank design. The guage will stay on full for the first 5-7 gallons, but then continue to move as normal. The distance to empty however will still be calculated based on the stock fuel capacity. For example, @ 20mpg and a full tank (40 gallons) you will have 800 miles to empty but your vehicle will show you have 480 miles to empty. Made out of ¼” thick crosslink polyethylene, these tanks are built to last and are backed by our lifetime warranty.

S&B Tanks: 10-1027

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