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09-13 Cummins 8.3/9.0L Area Diesel TE Power Module 12500

Product Unavailable (Updated 12-8-23)

The TRUCK EDITION 12500 module fits the applications listed below:

2009-2013 8.3 & 9.0 Cummins Common Rail
The boys over at Agricultural Diesel Solutions blew you away with their state of the art ag modules for your tractors and combines. But wait till you get a load of the Truck Edition modules. They are designed for everyday use whether you are towing or just looking to save some money on fuel costs. The Truck Edition module can increase your power up to 30% over stock all while delivering fuel economy benefits of 10 to 20%. They are dyno tested to a 20k load so we can ensure that you are towing safely. Adjustable four position switch lets you select between Stock, +10%, +20%,  or +30% hp. And before you ask…no we do not flash your ECM! Instead we receive the data from the ECM and optimize the signal to the engine to improve both power and fuel efficiency. True Plug-and-Play connectivity means we aren’t going to ask you to cut and splice any wires. Just connect the Truck Edition module into your existing factory connectors. Oh, and if all of this isn’t enough, we’ll back the Truck Edition module with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and LIFETIME WARRANTY! How’s that for confidence in our product?!

Keep moving forward with a need-based adjustable HORSEPOWER increase, up to 30% with the TRUCK EDITION 12500!

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