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Pure Diesel Power offers a wide variety of filters for your medium duty truck. We carry air filters, oil filters and fuel/water separators for most makes and models. From quality manufacturers like AFE and Fleetguard, so we are sure to have the highest quality parts for your truck. Increase the performance and longevity of your truck with the best parts. For assistance on specific parts of general inquires, call us today!

Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS19704
Fleetguard Fuel Water Separator FS19704Applications: CATERPILLAR 3466695MACK 20539578RACOR R25PMANN & HUMMEL WK940/32XHERCULES 20386080Cross Reference:BALDWIN BF1398-O;FRAM PS11026Fleetguard FS19704..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS20050
CAT Fleetguard Fuel Water SeparatorCross Reference numbers:Baldwin BF9847-DCaterpillar 3619555Wix WF10053Mann-Filter WK8185NAPA 600053Fleetguard: FS20050..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: AF55005
AF55005 FLEETGUARD AIR FILTER PA31012 Cummins QSB QSL Interim Final Tier 4 a158Product SpecificationsCondition: NewBrand: FleetguardPart Number: AF55005Style: Air FilterService: AirMedia: CelluloseLength: 16.1 (409)*Width: 10.1 (257)*Height: 5.98 (152)*( )* denotes metricPrinciple ApplicationCummins..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS1098
Fleetguard Fuel Filter And Water Separator for Cummins ISB + B6.7 ISL+ L9Notes: common applications Cummins ISB B6.7, ISL L9 & Paccar PX-7 PX-9; emulsified and free water separation = 95.0Cross Reference number: 5319680Fleetguard: FS1098..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS36401
Paccar Fleetguard Fuel Water SeparatorCross Reference information:Baldwin PF9928Paccar Parts K371004Donaldson P557004Wix WF10249LUBER-FINER L5094FPaccar Parts K371005Kenworth K371004NAPA 600249Fleetguard: FS36401..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF787
Fleetguard LF787 Oil FilterHeight (inch) : 6.86;O.D. (inch) : 3.80;Thread : 3/4-16 UNF-2BPicture for representation only...
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FF5488
Physical DimensionsLargest OD 93.47 mm (3.68 in) Overall Height 175.77 mm (6.92 in) Thread Size 7/8-14 UNF-2B Fleetguard part #FF5488..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS1212
Physical DimensionsLargest OD 93.73 mm (3.69 in)Overall Height 201.17 mm (7.92 in)Thread Size 1-14 UNS-2B  Fleetguard part number: FS1212 (Cummins part number 3315843)..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS1022
Physical DimensionsLargest OD 93.83 mm (3.694 in)Overall Height 238.3 mm (9.382 in)Thread Size1-14 UNS-2BStandpipeYESFleetguard part #FS1022..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FF5052
Physical Dimensions:Gasket OD 71.45 mm (2.813 in)Seam OD 82.3 mm (3.24 in)Overall Height 116.26 mm (4.577 in)Thread Size M16 X 1.5-6H INTStandpipe NOFleetguard part #FF42000 This is the user friendly version filters:FF5018 FF5033 FF5052 FF5074FF42..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: AH1136
Physical DimensionsEnd Connection Height35.052 mm (1.38 in) End Connection ID76.2 mm (3 in) Largest Housing OD215.9 mm (8.5 in)  Overall Height314.45 mm (12.38 in)   Fleetguard part #AH1136..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS1298
Fuel Filter 1994-1997 7.3L Ford Diesel Trucks/VehiclesFits all 1994-1997 7.3 Ford Diesel motors. Fleetguard FS1298Cross Reference: Motorcraft FD-4595Ford: F4TZ9N184ACase: 1822631C91..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FF5114
Physical DimensionsLargest OD 84.07 mm (3.31 in) Overall Height 81.79 mm (3.22 in) Thread Size 3/4-16 UNF-2B Fleetguard part #FF5114..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF3343
Physical Dimensions:Largest OD 139 mm (5.472 in)Overall Height 169 mm (6.654 in) BPV Setting 120 kPa (17.4 PSI)Thread Size M60 X 3 - 6H INTFleetguard part #LF3343..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FF5089
Physical DimensionsLargest OD 94.74 mm (3.73 in) Overall Height 109.47 mm (4.31 in) Thread Size M20 X 1.5-6H INTThis filter will replace a FS1253, though it DOES NOT have a water separator drain on the bottom of it. Fleetguard part #FF5089..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS19765
Physical DimensionsEnd 1 ID 16.76 mm (.66 in)Overall OD 106.93 mm (4.21 in)Overall Height 178.79 mm (7.039 in)Fleetguard part number: FS19765..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: HF28943
Physical DimensionsEnd 1 ID 38.86 mm (1.53 in)End 2 ID 41.91 mm (1.65 in) Overall OD 76.2 mm (3 in) Overall Height 150.88 mm (5.94 in) Fleetguard part #HF28943..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: AF26430
Physical DimensionsHeight 183.13 mm (7.21 in)Primary ApplicationsIHC 2506656C1  Fleetgaurd part number: AF26430..
Brand: AFE Part Number: 31-10126
Constructed with 100% polyurethane on all four sides, this high flow "oil-free" OE replacement performance filter will outflow stock paper filter for improved horsepower and torque. Two layers of progressively finer mesh synthetic media provide maximum convenience and easy maintenance. Washable and ..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF670
Physical DimensionsLargest OD 118.62 mm (4.67 in)Overall Height 249.2 mm (9.811 in)Thread Size 1 1/2-12 UNS-2B..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS1282
Physical DimensionsLargest OD 93.73 mm (3.69 in)Overall Height 163.07 mm (6.42 in)Thread Size 1-14 UNS-2BFleetguard part number: FS1282..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: AF25708M
AttributesOverall Height 520.7 mm (20.5 in)End 2 OD 279.4 mm (11 in)Largest OD 279.4 mm (11 in)End 2 ID 205.74 mm (8.1 in)Fleetguard part number: AF25708M..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS19551
Replacement Fuel and Water Separator.Largest OD110.74 mm (4.36 in) Thread Size1-14 UNS 2BOverall Height154.94 mm (6.1 in) Fleetguard part number: FS19551..
Brand: Donaldson Filtration Part Number: P558000
Product AttributesOuter Diameter: 3.66 Inches (93 MM) Thread Size: 1-14 UN Length: 7.68 Inches (195 MM) Gasket OD: 2.80 Inches (71 MM) Gasket ID: 2.40 Inches (61 MM) Efficiency 99%: 15 Micron Efficiency Test Std: SAE J1488, J1985 Emulsified H2O Efficiency: 85.00 Percent Type: Water Separ..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: AF25550
Physical DimensionsEnd 1 ID 47.5 mm (1.87 in)Overall OD 88.8 mm (3.496 in)Overall Height 186.19 mm (7.33 in)Fleetguard part number: AF25550..
Brand: Donaldson Filtration Part Number: P560971
Packaged DimensionsGross Length in Inches:    7.1Pieces Per Pallet:    300Gross Width in Inches:    3.9Gross Weight in Pounds:    2.35Country of Origin:    CA (Canada)Gross Height in Inches:    7.1 Donaldson Part Number: P560971..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF667
Physical DimensionsLargest OD 107.67 mm (4.239 in)Overall Height 263.91 mm (10.39 in)Thread Size 1 1/8-16 UN-2BFleetguard part number: LF667 Crosses to: LF667J..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF16117
Replaces -- LF16023    Fleetguard  part #LF16117..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FF5206
Physical Dimensions:Largest OD 93.62 mm (3.686 in) Overall Height175.57 mm (6.912 in) Thread Size13/16-12 UNS-2BFleetguard part #FF5206..
Brand: Donaldson Filtration Part Number: P550719
Lube Filters Product AttributesOuter Diameter:  3.73 Inches (95 MM)Thread Size:  1-12 UNLength:  4.22 Inches (107 MM)Gasket OD:  2.78 Inches (71 MM)Gasket ID:  2.43 Inches (62 MM)Efficiency 99%:  40 MicronEfficiency Test Std:  ISO 4572Bypass Val..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: UF101
Cummins Diesel Exhaust Fluid Filter Fleetguard part number: UF101..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS19513
Physical Dimensions:Largest OD 94.23 mm (3.71 in) Overall Height248.41 mm (9.78 in) Thread Size1-12 UNS-2BFleetguard part #FS19513..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF3977
AttributesOverall Height 212 mm (8.346 inch)Largest OD 110 mm (4.331 inch)Gasket OD 102 mm (4.016 inch)Gasket Inside Diameter 92 mm (3.622 inch)Thread Pitch 2.0 mm per ThreadThread Diameter 30 mm (1.181 inch)Thread Class 6HThread Type Internal ..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FF5369W
Physical DimensionsEnd 1 ID16.76 mm (.66 in)Overall OD97.03 mm (3.82 in)Overall Height178.56 mm (7.03 in) Fleetguard part number: FF5369W..
Brand: Donaldson Filtration Part Number: P550115
Donaldson Universal Fuel Filter, Spin-On Secondary Donaldson Part Number: P550115..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF3654
Physical DimensionsOverall Height 263.91 mm (10.39 in) Largest OD 107.67 mm (4.239 in) Thread Size 1 3/8-16 UN-2B Fleetguard  Filter LF3654..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FF5229
Isuzu Applications Physical Dimensions:Largest OD 84 mm (3.307 in) Overall Height  120.5 mm (4.744 in)Thread Size  M20 X 1.5-6H INT  Fleetguard: FF5229..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF3656
Physical Dimensions:Largest OD 108 mm (4.252 in)Thread Size 1-12 UNF-2BOverall Height 205.87 mm (8.105 in)BPV Setting 137 kPa (19.87 PSI) ADBV  Yes            Fleetguard part #LF3656..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF17515
AttributesOverall Height 8.711 inLargest OD 4.234 inGasket OD 72.5 mm (2.854 inch)Thread Diameter 1 inThread Pitch 16 threads Per InchThread Class 2BThread Form Unified NationalBPV Setting YesFleetguard part number: LF17515..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS19593
Replacement Fuel and Water Separator.Overall OD107.95 mm (4.25 in) Overall Height158.75 mm (6.25 in) Fleetguard part number: FS19593..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS19592
Replacement Fuel and Water Separator.Overall OD 96.01 mm (3.78 in)Overall Height 140.21 mm (5.52 in)Fleetguard part number: FS19592..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF3675
Physical DimensionsOverall Height 263.91 mm (10.39 in) Largest OD 110.01 mm (4.331 in) Thread Size 1 1/8-16 UN-2B Fleetguard  Filter LF3675 Direct Cross Donaldson: P550519 & P553191..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: AF26405
Physical DimensionsHeight 232 mm (9.134 in)Primary ApplicationsVOLVO 20435801..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF16110
AttributesOverall Height 205.49 mm (8.09 in)Largest OD 115.72 mm (4.556 in)Seam OD 120.27 mm (4.735 in)Gasket OD 110.74 mm (4.36 in)GASKET INSIDE DIAMETER 98.17 mm (3.865 in)Thread Size 1 1/2-16 UNS-2BStandpipe NOADBV nullBPV Setting 0 kPa..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: AF25578M
Specifics:I.D.: 2.5039 inches O.D.: 4.0020 inches Height: 9.7500 inches Weight/Unit: 1.0999 lb Volume/Carton: 0.1095 cu ft Weight/Carton: 1.0999 lb Units/Carton: 1 Principal Application: T00716323Fleetguard part number: AF25578M...
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FS20203
Replacement Fuel and Water Separator.Overall Height243.84 mm (9.6 in) End 1 ID 21.01 mm (.827 in) End 1 OD 110.49 mm (4.35 in) End 2 ID 16.51 mm (.65 in) End 2 OD 127.99 mm (5.039 in) Fleetguard part number: FS20203..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: LF17503
Volvo Fleetgaurd Lube/Oil Fitler part number: LF17503 Direct Cross Donaldson P550519..
Brand: Fleetguard Part Number: FF5207
Physical Dimensions:Largest OD 93.73 mm (3.69 in) Overall Height205.49 mm (8.09 in) Thread Size1-12 UNS-2BFleetguard part #FF5207..
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