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Kleinn Model 6880 "BlastMaster" Air Flow Upgrade Kit

Kleinn Model 6880 "BlastMaster" Air Flow Upgrade Kit

List price: $89.00  


You save: $9.05 (10%)

Push your model 230 or 630 horns to the MAX with the "BlastMaster" air flow kit.  The "BlastMaster" includes two extra solenoids, oversized 1/2" air line, and all the other fittings and tubing required to put a separate solenoid on each trumpet.  by putting a solenoid on each trumpet, the individual horns no longer have to share the air from one solenoid.  Because the solenoids are placed right at the base of the trumpets, each of the horns gets immediate full air flow at maximum pressure... boosting the sound output to a mind-blowing level.

Kleinn: 6880

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