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Kleinn Model 630 Triple Train Horn Trumpets

Kleinn Model 630 Triple Train Horn Trumpets




Every once in a while a horn comes along that you just know is destined for greatness.  Well, this one just came Kleinn's way.  You can't call it a "beast" because its huge shiny chrome plated spun copper trumpets make it too darn beautiful.  The flat rack design and detachable trumpets allow for numerous great installation options.  Oh, and it's REALLY loud, too... a train horn blast that will leave you wishing you had brought along an extra pair of underpants.

Chrome plated spun copper.

Max Input 175 psi

Output (db) @ 100 psi: 151.8

Output (db) @ 150 psi: 154.4*

Solenoid Vortex 4 12-Volt DC

Push your model 230 or 630 horns to the MAX with the "BlastMaster" air flow kit. The "BlastMaster" includes two extra solenoids, oversized 1/2" air line, and all the other fittings and tubing required to put a separate solenoid on each trumpet. The individual horns no longer have to share the air from one solenoid.... boosting the sound output to a mind-blowing level.
Click here to check out the Blast Master upgrade kit.

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