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Die Cast Nathan Airchime P5 Train Horn

The Nathan AirChime P5 horn is constructed of a sand cast aluminum manifold and sand cast bells providing a stunning mellow tone that only sand cast horns can provide! This genuine locomotive horn features stainless steel diaphragms to prevent rust. These horns will provide years of service with the least maintenance of any railway horn.The P series horns also offer reversible bells to allow for multi-directional signalling.

  • Heavy Duty Sand Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Exclusive P Series Mellow Tone Acoustic
  • Large Half Inch Air Inlet
  • Reversible Bells

  • Length:  19.5 in (495.3 mm)
  • Width:  19.75 in (501.65 mm)
  • Height:  10 in (254 mm)
  • Weight:  22.9 lbs (10.39 Kg)
*These horns require a air supply of at least 1 gallon at 120 PSI minimum.

Hornblasters part number: AH-P5
Lame California Prop 65 Notice