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Air Dog Class 8 Universal FPII-125 Fuel Preporator

Universal AirDog® FPII-125

The AirDog® Universal FPII-125 Fuel Air Separation System is small and compact. Only 7" W X 3.2"D X 10" T. The ideal size for small generators, stationary power plants, Irrigation Systems, and small commercial vehicles

All AirDog® systems come with the NEW Micro-Processor Fuel Filter Monitor. The operator now has real time, peace of mind knowledge about the status of his fuel filter and water separator. No more wasting time and money replacing a clean filter or driving with a dirty filter after unexpectedly taking on dirty fuel.

The AirDog®, returning only air, vapor and small amounts of fuel to the tank, can now be connected directly to the existing engine fuel return line, reducing installation time and materials. The necessary fittings and return line (for most installations) are included in the kit.

AirDog part number: A3SPT460

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